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Outdoor Hydroponics - How To Start An Outdoor Hydroponic Garden

How To Start An Outdoor Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponics was once referred to as "growing plants in water", a method that has been around for centuries. Now with the advances in growing methods, hydroponics is now referred to as, "growing plants without the use of soil".

Currently and around the globe, farmers are utilizing hydroponics due to a lack of any large supply of water being nearby, which means many poverty stricken nations can use this method successfully. Nurseries can even implement this strategy to effectively grow their flowers by sending the hydroponic nutrients through the water system of the nursery.

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With that said, in a scaled down version, home gardeners enjoy the same great benefits of hydroponic growing.

Let's discuss a little more about the actual needs of the plant and what is beneficial in a hydroponic solution.

Plants normally get the nutrients and water they require through the soil. Light from the sun... or artificial light, and air from outdoors...or artificial air circulation. But, with a hydroponic system, the water and nutrients needed for the plant are always there; being supplied through a solution that has every nutrient the plant needs. While some plants will become weaker as nutrients and water are not given at the right times, that situation does not occur with hydroponics.

While there are different methods of delivering the nutrients to the root system (Nutrient Film Techniques, Ebb and Flow, and Aeration) the much needed nutrients are always there for the roots to obtain.

Whether you use hydroponics indoors or outdoors, the air movement and light are still required as normal. Light can be provided with indoor grow lights, etc. and air circulation can be provided by a small fan. Most indoor units come with a small fan for this purpose.

As for the average person at home using this method, there are superb advantages:

Most plants grown in hydroponic solutions, are more healthy due to the fact that all the nutrients needed for that plant to thrive are included in the solution. Another overlooked point, is there are no weeds. No soil, no weeds. AND, with no soil, there are no soil-bourne, diseases or pests. For most gardeners, that is enough in itself to at least give this method a try.

Some units that are on the market can me automated. Making vacations or long work days of no worry. So with much needed nutrients always being supplied to the plant through the root system, plants thrive. Allowing home gardeners to reap a great harvest from their indoor or outdoor hydroponic systems.

It truly is a fantastic way to grow your flowers, vegetables, and/or herbs.

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